Princess cake

Elli's cake is baked, frosted, and "nite-nite" until tomorrow for her special day! Can't believe I'm making these for my girls. I remember helping my mom frost my own princess cakes when I was a little girl...


Halloween costumes

Diego--the animal rescuer

Princess CinderElli

Baby Bumble Bee


Fall Fotos

spiders crawling up my mouth...
Liam singing "There's a spider on my nose, on my nose..." at preschool

holloween at avp 010
Elli singing "Twinkle twinkle little bat" at preschool

addison smiling
Addison outside running through the leaves


Me-0, Bee-1

After hoisting our neighbor's magnanimously huge ladder up to the side of our house and getting it safely adjusted (after wedging one leg up on a wooden block--that's safe, right?), I intrepidly began to climb. I had a snow brush/ice scraper in one hand and a can of cheap-o bee spray in the other. I started banging around in the formerly bee-infested eave (we've been spraying it for 3 days now) and low and behold about 5 bees flew out. One stung me on my elbow--which I had instinctively raised in front of my face while squealing like a girl.

Now, you must know, my mother is deathly allergic to bees. She has to carry an Epi-pen bee sting kit with her at all times and administer a shot within 20 minutes of her sting in order for her throat not to close and suffocate her. I have wondered my whole life whether or not I would have to do the same.

Back to my stinging story. I checked my arm to make sure the bee and stinger weren't lodged in my arm, then my adrenaline kicked in. I decided that even if I only had 20 minutes left to live, at least I'd make sure the bees nest was taken care of. I ran inside the house, found some Children's Benadryl in the medicine cabinet and took a way-too-huge swig.

I decided that if I was gonna take one for the team, at least I'd finish the game and come out the winner. With the clock ticking, I went back outside to the ladder, and armed with Dan's bike flashlight in my mouth and his wooden hockey stick, I wreaked havoc on the bees nests. There were two bee nests each the size of salad plates that I scraped out of the eaves, picked up with tongs and tied up in plastic bags, then deposited in the garbage can. I climbed the ladder once more, sprayed the area again, then climbed down the ladder to find someone to tell about my fatal sting when I realized I was breathing just fine, a little tingly from the adrenaline (and Benadryl), but not headed for the grave just yet.

And now I understand why Dan dances, screams, and shouts when he gets a sting, and why they are called a sting, those things HURT! But at least there are a few hundred less bees in our neighborhood.


Liam's Birthday Video...

Some of you have already scene this, but I thought I'd post it anyway... enjoy!

addison and the donut


Takes the cake

Lightning McQueen Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Liam!!

Birthday Boy

Birthday Crown from School

Liam got this birthday crown at school yesterday, and he has made it a permanent fixture on his head ever since. I needed to get something from his room last night after bedtime, and there it was crumpled yet still perched on top.

He’s turning 4 tomorrow. This is the first birthday where he really KNOWS that it’s his birthday. He’s been counting down all week with signs that he and Jenna made. He takes off the last number tomorrow. His excitement is adorable and infectious. We can’t wait for the big day either…